Archery Score Book

bow setup and score sheets for recurve archers

The „Archery Score Book“ will help you to analyze your archery training. Including your bow setup and score sheets, it combines the two most important tools for archers.

Changes in material, accessories or adjusted settings are clearly recorded in the bow setup and can be traced at any time.

The training results are recorded regularly in the score book, so that your own progress is visible. The consistent recording of your training performance makes it an important reference book in everyday training.

The combination of technical optimizations and the results of the archery training gives a uniform picture, which helps to improve the individual bow setup in a targeted manner.


  • Bow Setup
  • Sight Tables
  • Grouping Analysis
  • Score Sheets


  • Document exercise units in a structured manner
  • no more „paper chaos“
  • Sight settings always at hand
  • Document changes to the setup and accessories
  • Your own progress as a reference book
  • in handy paperback format

ISBN: 979-8620736669